Education and Outreach

CARICOOS workshop at the Tri Beta Society of UPR Cayey

Continuing efforts to increase our stakeholder’s understanding of the correct use of coastal weather data, CARICOOS hosted a Waves Workshop for the Honorary Society of Biology BBB (Tri-Beta) of UPR Cayey campus which included a detailed description of the services, tools, and products available on the website. During the workshop, we focused on coastal… Read More

High school students learn about waves and the correct use of wave data and forecasts

In collaboration with Puerto Rico Sea Grant (PRSG) CARICOOS has developed a “Waves Workshop” focused on educating K12 students and teachers on wave concepts and terminology. Sea Grant curriculum specialist, Delmis Alicea, PhD., has been advising CARICOOS staff on the importance of educational strategies and of assessing the learning progress following the Department of Education… Read More

CARICOOS collaborates with MREP educating fisherman about how science plays a major role in recreational and commercial fishing

For the past years, CARICOOS has been collaborating with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in their annual Marine Resource Education Program (MREP) Workshop. MREP has been helping commercial and recreational fishers comprehend the complex nature of fisheries and how local organizations and agencies work together in fisheries management. One key factor that has made… Read More

Coastal conservation and security workshop.

On June 19, 2019 CARICOOS played a role on the workshop “Coastal Conservation and Security” at the Pedalea store in Isabela. CARICOOS products and services were presented to a group of stakeholders that included representation from professional rescue organizations like SVERI Rescate Isabela and Coastal Professional Rescue Team. Focusing on the persistent increment in safety-related… Read More

Lifeguard training course successfully completed

The Ocean Rescue Caribbean Academy (ORCA), with the collaboration of Sea Grant Puerto Rico and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM), offered a training course to local lifeguards to prepare them to ensure the life of those that entertain themselves at the beaches in Puerto Rico, particularly during summer season (high season for… Read More


CARICOOS participated in the ASLO 2019 Education Fair, promoting knowledge of coastal ocean observing to local middle school and high school students and teachers. During the educational activity enthusiastic participants received demonstrations and materials to learn about ocean observing science and the platforms used to provide the real-time observational data. In addition, teachers were provided… Read More

Okeanos Explorer in San Juan

Captain Eric Johnson Commanding Officer for NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer invited CARICOOS leads Julio Morell, Patricia Chardón and Sylvia Rodriguez to visit the only vessel owned by the U.S. government dedicated to exploring the seabed and ocean crust.  During the visit, this past 25th of October, the CARICOOS team had a great time learning about… Read More

CARICOOS visited NOAA’s hydrographic survey vessel Thomas Jefferson.

A year ago the crew of the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson, in collaboration with NOAA IOOS, CDIP, and the University of Maine, recovered the CARICOOS Rincon buoy after it was ripped from its mooring during hurricane María. One year later, while the Thomas Jefferson was in the port of San Juan, CARICOOS staff visited the… Read More

Workshop for teachers aims to bring ocean observing to the classroom

Organized by, Corredor del Yaguazo and by the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras the workshop provided teachers with ideas on how ocean observing technology, near-real time data and forecast models can be used as educational tools that may be integrated into science and geography curricula at various educational levels. The Sea Grant… Read More

Well received CARICOOS mobile application “Pa La Playa”

The Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System (CARICOOS) released the application Pa ‘La Playa. This app was developed to provide information on weather conditions, waves, water quality, among other data, from over 100 beaches in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. This app had over two thousand downloads during the summer months of 2018 plus… Read More