Port Recovery Operations

CARICOOS participated in a U.S. Coast Guard Area Committee drill, testing a scanning sonar system to assist in the planning and execution of response and recovery protocols. The exercise was conducted in the San Juan Bay, where two main channels were mapped to provide images of objects located on the sea floor. Emergency responders often conduct difficult… Read More

Rincón Wave Buoy back in the water!

The Rincón wave buoy has been redeployed just in time for the beginning of the hurricane season and the North Atlantic wave season. The buoy was out of the water for two weeks for maintenance and a complete refurbishment. The buoy, which sits at approximately 2 km off the Rincón lighthouse, monitors and records information… Read More

CARICOOS Buoys are Ready for the Hurricane Season

The hurricane season kicked off on Thursday, June 1st and is now officially underway in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Our data buoys are back in the water to record the entire season. With support from the University of Maine’s Physical Oceanography Group and Commercial Divers Inc., CARICOOS staff performed the annual maintenance for the Ponce,… Read More