Expanding underwater glider observations in the NE Caribbean

CARICOOS continues collaborating with NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory’s (AOML) Physical Oceanography Division (PhOD) by assisting in the deployments, recoveries, and refurbishment of underwater gliders. This year, the hurricane glider operations will be enhanced by establishing a network of underwater gliders in the Caribbean Sea, tropical Atlantic Ocean, and east US continental shelf. A… Read More

USCG Sector San Juan Pollution Prevention and Boater’s Safety Training

Each year hundreds of lives are lost and millions of dollars in property damage are accounted for as a result of preventable recreational boating accidents on U.S. waterways. To address this situation, the Incident Management Division of the US Coast Guard (San Juan Sector) offered the “Pollution prevention and boater safety” workshop at Puerto Chico… Read More

Outlook of 2019 Sargassum blooms in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico by USF Optical Oceanography Lab

The maps above show Sargassum abundance, with warm colors representing high abundance. In June 2019, the following regions continued to experience large amounts of Sargassum: Central West Atlantic (CWA), entire Caribbean Sea (CS), eastern Gulf of Mexico (GoM), northern Florida Straits, and waters off east coast of Florida. In addition to numerous reports of Sargassum… Read More