Three graduate students have been identified as recipients of the 2020 IOOS/CARICOOS/OCOVI Vembu Subramanian Award

The goal of the Vembu Subramanian Award is to advance the IOOS priorities – coastal preparedness, response, recovery, and resiliency; advancing coastal intelligence; and place-based conservation in the spirit of Vembu Subramanian’s devotion to humanity, appreciation of nature and love of science.

 The award honors the memory of the late Vembu Subramanian, noted oceanographer and leader in ocean observing at the South East Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA), which has described his life as, “… dedicated to uplifting others”.

OCOVI announced the winners as Antonio Farchette, Sonora Meiling and Amber Packard and congratulated them on their success. All are graduate students in the University of the Virgin Islands’ Masters in Marine and Environmental Science program. – Read press release.

Antonio Farchette, Sonora Melling and Amber Packard