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Three graduate students have been identified as recipients of the 2020 IOOS/CARICOOS/OCOVI Vembu Subramanian Award

The goal of the Vembu Subramanian Award is to advance the IOOS priorities – coastal preparedness, response, recovery, and resiliency; advancing coastal intelligence; and place-based conservation in the spirit of Vembu Subramanian’s devotion to humanity, appreciation of nature and love of science.  The award honors the memory of the late Vembu Subramanian, noted oceanographer and… Read More

Glider School

CARICOOS technical team received a hands-on-learning training from NOAA-AOML personnel on how to refurbished and prepare underwater gliders. These will be deployed during the upcoming hurricane season to collect oceanographic data which will contribute to hurricane intensity forecasting studies (Photos by Efra Figueroa).

NOAA CoastWatch Ocean Satellite Data Course

The NOAA CoastWatch Program in collaboration with CARICOOS and with the Department of Marine Sciences of UPR-Mayaguez hosted the NOAA CoastWatch Ocean Satellite Data Course during February 5- 7, 2020 at the Hyatt Place Hotel in San Juan, PR. Instructors from CoastWatch Regional Nodes across the Nation shared their expertise towards the discovery, access and… Read More

CARICOOS extends its collaboration with the Jobos Bay NERRS

Following up on over a decade of collaboration with the Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (JBNERR), CARICOOS has commenced an effort focused on understanding the connectivity/steep biogeochemical gradients observed between mangrove lagoons, coastal waters and the open ocean using a flow-thru system that allows sampling surface waters throughout Jobos Bay. The results from the… Read More

Outlook of 2020 Sargassum blooms in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico* January 31st, 2020, by University of South Florida Optical Oceanography Lab

The situation in January 2020 has changed dramatically from December 2019. Although the Sargassum amount in the Central West Atlantic (CWA, i.e., the region east of the Lesser Antilles in the maps here) is still low as compared to some bloom years in history (2015, 2018, 2019), there isconsiderable increase from December 2019. In the… Read More

A Major Swell Event to Impact the Caribbean

A very large wave event with deep water wave heights of 10-13 feet and wave periods of 14-16 seconds will be affecting our region starting Saturday night, peaking Sunday morning, and continuing to generate large waves through Monday. This event could generate breaking waves of 15-20 feet or more as well as coastal erosion and… Read More

How waves propagate in coral reefs?

CARICOOS and UPRM scientists, in partnership with the US Geological Survey and the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve Management Board, installed several wave gauges across the seabed in Tres Palmas to measure the extreme wave event of January 19-20, 2020. The USGS is partnering with the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez (UPR-M) to better understand how waves… Read More

CARICOOS Board of Directors fully engaged in securing continued support for meeting high priority coastal data and product needs.

On November 7, 2019 the CARICOOS Board of Directors met with the system’s technical and administrative leadership to discuss and agree on approaches to follow towards a comprehensive stakeholder need assessment and prioritization process. Said need assessment is essential for the design of the proposal requesting support for the upcoming five-year funding cycle.  CARICOOS’s Board,… Read More